Movie Analysis : ' Fatal Attraction '

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Movie Summary: “Fatal Attraction" The movie stars Dan Gallagher as a well and successful lawyer, who is happily married to Beth for nine years, and has a sic year old daughter Ellen. Dan had a wild passionate affair with Alex Forest client of Dan on a weekend both Beth and Ellen was out of town. Alex is a beautiful, successful and independent editor who works for a publishing company. Because both Alex and Dan had a free time, they spent the one night and part of the next day (weekend) having sex, listening to music, eating homemade dinner, and reminiscing on their old days, which coincide on both happens to love (Madame Butterfly Opera). Although Alex, shows unimpressed with Dan that he was a married man, but she immediately created an intimate relationship with Dan and both spent time walking the central park/having fun. After being intimate with Alex, Dan attempted to break the relationship on the grand that it was just a one-time deal and that he is happily married with Beth. Alex refuses to let the intimacy/affair die. Through that moment, Alex mental state degenerates and the story becomes extremely erratic and dangerous. Alex became vindictive and possessive. Alex began to act erratic slitting her wrists and demanding Dan’s time and undivided attention. When Dan did not acknowledge Alex deranged behavior, Alex went on to calling him at odd hours at his home and work; stating that she is pregnant and wants him to take responsibility; she called Beth and arrange to meet
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