Movie Analysis : Fight Club

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This essay uses the movie Fight Club to reveal the impact culture, power, and conflict have in our daily lives. The movie centers on a nameless employee who works for a car company. He hasn’t slept for a long time because of his insomnia and rigorous job. He then discovers that by going to meetings of people with certain disabilities such as testicular cancer… he can find a safe haven from the stress. He then spots Marla—a lady who is seeking the same relief, in various meetings. They agree to split up the days which they attend to these meetings. Shortly after, the Narrator meets Tyler in a plane. They get along easily and begin a fight club. First and second rules of fight club require you to not talk about it. After creating many terrors in the city, Tyler plans a huge destruction project—Project Mayhem. The Narrator gets frustrated why he wasn’t told about this project and he gets into a conflict with Tyler. Tyler then leaves him in the morning. Upon searching for Tyler, the Narrator finds out in Seattle that he is Tyler himself. He calls Marla to ask whether he had sex with her. She confirms his question and refers to him as Tyler. Confused, he goes back home. He meets Tyler and they get into a fight. In reality, however, the Narrator is punching and throwing himself. Next thing he knows, he is strapped into a seat with Tyler pointing a gun at him. He uses his will to snatch the gun away from Tyler and shoots his cheek. Tyler then disappears. Marla, arrives with the
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