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Gung Ho Film Analysis
1. The film begins in a struggling town where almost everyone is out of work because the main manufacturing plant has shut down. In hopes of bringing some light to the town, Hunt Stevenson flies out to Japan to get a car manufacturer, Assan Motors, to buy the plant and bring a car manufacturing factory from Japan to the United States. There is an obvious cultural barrier throughout most of the movie where many differences can be seen in terms of their cultures and how that affects their work. The other main character Mr. Kazihiro, and Hunt try to find a way for the two cultures to blend together to be as successful as the best manufacturing plant in Japan of the same size. The American employees have some issues with Japan’s style of doing business and conflicts arise. It isn’t until both leaders, Hunt and Kazihiro, learn to work together, that they are able to overcome their cultural barrier and learn from one another.
2. In terms of individualism and collectivism, we differ greatly from our Japanese counterparts. America is an individualistic society where we are mainly concerned with what will benefit ourselves and our immediate family, and we do whatever it takes to provide for them and make them happy. It is fairly obvious when watching the movie that Hunt and his fellow American employees are watching out for themselves and are more concerned with themselves than with the succession of the plant. Hunt shows his individualism on several occasions.

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