Movie Analysis : Film Analysis Of The Lemon Movie

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Movie Analysis
This paper presents analysis of five movies and the analysis of every movie examined various aspects film form which range from visual design, literary design, editing, cinematography and sound design. First and foremost, we have the Lemon Movie which was produced by Hollis Frampton in 1969. In general, this movie is a silent movie and it has no sound at all. The Lemon Movie seems to be an experimental movie that was performed by having a static lemon. It is an ostensibly a one short film that represents a radical pairing of materials and methods. It gives a portrait of a superstar fruit which begins to show up in darkness before it gradually comes into sight. From the movie, we learn of how important light can be. It is however difficult to learn the flow of the movie since things seem not changing except for gradual process of coming to light then disappearing. The most interesting thing in this movie is how the lemon changes its outlook when the light comes and disappears.
Secondly, there is Moth light Movie which was produced by Stan Brackage in 1968. It is a four minutes movie that sis made up of remains of insects wings, leaves as well as detritus materials. The materials used for movie are sandwiched between strips of perforated tape. On the screen the materials used for the movie are in constant motion and they make the movie to be catchy and appealing to the eyes hence it is interesting to watch. What seems difficult to understand is how the insects’

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