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Ever since I could remember, I have been interesting in films and film memorabilia. It didn’t even have to be like legit props that were used on set of the films either, tie in products tickled my itch also. I vividly remember in 2007, having my mom drive me an hour away just so that I could get my hands on a box of Krusty-O’s that were a 7-11 exclusive cereal to promote The Simpsons Movie. I still have the box sitting on my shelf of important trinkets in my room, next to my Burger King exclusive glass goblets issued in 2001 for LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring, and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull Popcorn cartons that were sold at Blockbuster in 2008. I leave no rock unturned. I guess looking back at my interest in films and their tie-in products (or tie-products in general), it makes full sense that my career path would be advertising and commercial making. The perfect blend of filmmaking and marketing said film. Upon doing research for this project, I found that one particular type of tie-in advertising, Cigarette Cards, could be traced back almost to the roots of America, and in particularly a company named W.D and H.O Wills Company in 1896. While the idea of cigarette cards was an American idea, evolving from the idea that a stability piece of cardboard inside of the cigarette package could be used to advertise items, John Player took the idea and evolved it into something that changed the advertising world. Basically, the Wills Company started selling cards that had
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