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Genre helps to define the storylines of films and helps categorise them in order to be identified when people come to look for a film to maybe help determine whether you are going to like the film or not. Genre can set scenes in order for us to know what type of film we may be watching e.g.: if you were to be watching a horror film you would have spooky, dull and dark lighting. This would set the scene letting us know that this film will most likely be a horror film. Knowing the type of genre of the film you are watching allows you to have some sort of idea what kind of things might be happening in the film you’re watching. For example in you were watching a romance film you will expect some key things such as love, strong emotions, intimacy, sadness, heart break or maybe death. There are many different types of genre. Some different types of genre are:
• Action: Action films use a very high energy along with stunts, chases, rescues, battles, fights, escapes, destruction and usually adventurous.

• Adventure: Adventure films are usually interesting and exciting stories. They can include films based around places such as jungles and deserts or treasure hunts and disaster films sometimes.

• Comedy: Comedies are usually light hearted plots, designed to amuse and provoke laughter, exaggerating situations, language, action, drama, relationships and characters. Could also include slapsticks, parody, romantic comedies.

• Crime and Gangster: These are designed around actions of

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