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The film I chose to analyze is Need for Speed. This film portrays two different characters who play on opposite sides of morality. One, Dino, is a character who is selfish, lack morals, and is an a-typical jerk. He does not accept consequences, and puts his own needs and wants above anyone else, no matter the ramifications. The other is the character of Toby who is a direct contrast. While Toby may be spurred by justice throughout the film, he is consistently focused his morals, who constantly is doing things with others in his mind, which in the end benefits him as much as everyone else. What spurs his justice is the fact the Dino, in a selfish act, killed one of Toby’s very close friends.
 The film takes the standpoint that doing something for yourself without thinking of others is not the way to do things, but that being motivated with conscious thought of others is more fruitful. James Rachels states, “Right actions are the ones that produce the most good.” (215) What constitutes right? We want happiness which can come through friendship, finances, family, love, and more. However out of that list, finances can be the most detrimental. Finances can be a solitary piece you want, something that only takes you getting what you want. In family and relationships, it takes multiple people, which can keep you motivated to have others in mind. In the film, Dino is solely motivated by selfish means, the biggest of which is finances. He wants money, he wants success, and he wants
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