Movie Analysis : ' Fuck '

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"Fuck, Michael." I moan, not realizing that Michael isn 't the person with his lips around my dïck at the moment. Kellin stands up instantly, wiping his lips and raising an eyebrow.

"I knew you were still obsessed with that kid!" He whisper-yells, grabbing his jacket and storming out of the library room. I look down on myself and sigh, wishing I had said the right name instead of the one I was screaming in my head.

Yes, for fucks sake, I love Michael. I am madly in love with the boy with pink hair and big sweaters. The boy with emerald eyes and a button nose. The boy with a sing song giggle and a voice as soft as the cotton candy he loves to snack on. The boy with soft and cool hands and a pudgy tummy I really want to leave raspberry 's on. He 's the most perfect person in the entire world and I am so in love with him. I 'm so in love, I 'm scared. I don 't want to hurt him, I want the best for him and he deserves way better than me. That 's why I said all those mean things to him, because I don 't want him to get caught up in a piece of fuckboy trash like me.

I stand up and situate myself before grabbing my bag and walking down the stairs to the table where Michael is writing in his notebook. I sit down across from him only causing him to turn away from me. I sigh and reach over to tap his shoulder.

"Mikey, can I please talk to you?" I whisper.

"Why don 't you go talk to Kellin?" Michael sneers. I pull his notebook from his hands and close it, sitting it in my lap.

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