Movie Analysis : ' Fuck '

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"Fuck, Michael." I moan, not realizing that Michael isn 't the person with his lips around my dïck at the moment. Kellin stands up instantly, wiping his lips and raising an eyebrow. "I knew you were still obsessed with that kid!" He whisper-yells, grabbing his jacket and storming out of the library room. I look down on myself and sigh, wishing I had said the right name instead of the one I was screaming in my head. Yes, for fucks sake, I love Michael. I am madly in love with the boy with pink hair and big sweaters. The boy with emerald eyes and a button nose. The boy with a sing song giggle and a voice as soft as the cotton candy he loves to snack on. The boy with soft and cool hands and a pudgy tummy I really want to leave raspberry 's…show more content…
I shouldn 't have said those things to you that night at the party. You were right. I did, do, want you. More than you know." I confess. Just then the librarian walks up and tells us to be quiet or leave, so I pack up Michael 's books and sling his bag over my shoulder before holding my hand out for him. He rolls his eyes and entwines our fingers as we leave from the library. I lead Michael down the hallway to the auditorium and I sit with him on the stage. "I 'm really sorry Michael." "It doesn 't change the fact that you used me." "That was a lie. I- fuck I 'm really about to say this. Okay. I like you...Michael. I really, really, really like you. And I 'm fucking terrified that I 'm going to ruin you. And I know I already hurt you and it 's been eating me alive because that 's the last thing I wanted to do. You 're so amazing in my eyes, Mikey. I love everything about you and you 're way too good for me. I 'm - just - I 'm really sorry." Michael is silent for a minute before looking up to me with a small smile. "You mean that?" He asks. "Every word of it. I can never get you off my mind. You 're always right there and all I can do is crave you." "Well, at least take me on a date first." Michael laughs, hopping off the stage and leaving the auditorium. I watch as he leaves, admiring his bum as it sways while he walks. I smile contently and trail after Michael to my biology class with Luke. "What are you so smirky
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