Movie Analysis : ' Good Will Hunting '

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Trevor Burkhead
Professor Nyfeler
EN 211
22 February 2017
Analytical Essay on the Movie “Good Will Hunting” I have watched a considerable number of movies this semester so it was hard to choose which one to analyze. It came down to “Remember the Titans” or “Good Will Hunting”. However, the movie that I will be analyzing is “Good Will Hunting”. The reason I chose this movie is that it can be analyzed in many different ways. I will be analyzing different scenes of the movie and analyze them from different angles. I will be analyzing about the symbolism that is happening in the movie. I will be analyzing many different things about the movie. The first thing I will analyze in this movie is the symbolism of things, objects, colors, and …show more content…

He wants to strive to do the right things in life, but is not necessarily sure how to; therefore, he is searching for the good will” (Wegner). In the movie, each character had a color that reoccurred through the movie. “Robin Williams’s character only wears neutral colors and I feel that it symbolizes peace. Matt Damon’s character Will has a color that keeps reoccurring throughout the movie and that is the color orange” (runge). “Orange symbolizes energy, vitality, cheer, excitement, adventure, warmth, and good health” (Morton). “There is symbolism when Skylar is boarding her plane and she wants to see Will but he does not show up. Then in the next scene, it shows Will sitting on a park bench outside the airport watching as her plane takes off. This symbolizes that they want to be together but they cannot be together” (runge). The next symbol “is the painting of a man rowing a boat amidst a storm in Sean’s office that Will comments on during their first meeting. The storm could represent the inner demons of both Sean and Will and the man rowing the boat amidst symbolizing their fear and feelings of being alone while amidst their separate turmoil” (Dakota). The second to last symbol “in the film is the car Will receives from his friend’s at the end of the film. He receives the car shortly after his breakthrough with Sean. The car symbolizes Will’s new freedom not only with his future but also with his new freedom from his

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