Movie Analysis : ' Hard Candy '

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Student Name: Jasmine Glenn Class : Introduction to Sociology Movie Review 1 October 18th, 2014 Title of movie: Hard Candy Main Characters: Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson Sociological paradigm(s) or perspective(s) that best describes the movie: Functionalism - Society decides what is deviant and what isn 't. Conflict - Independent members of society taking justice into their own hands. Symbolic Interactionist - Monkey see, monkey do. Movie Overview: The premise of the movie is about 14 year old Haley Stark(Ellen Page) who is meeting up with 32 year old photographer Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson). The two have been chatting online for some time and have decided to meet at a cafe. Multiple times in this scene the camera pans over to missing children signs .They sit and flirt with each other for awhile. During their conversation, Haley mentions multiple times that she is 14. Eventually the two leave to go back to Jeff 's place. when they get to jeff 's place , haley takes off her shirt and models for jeff. She make them drinks and while taking photos of haley, Jeff passes out. Some time later, Jeff wakes up tied to a wheelchair and Haley 's personality has completely changed. Haley had purpose sought out jeff and has come with a purpose. The audience learns that she drugged him and that she specifically chose this day to meet him because she new his neighbors would be out and no one would hear him screaming. Haley reveals that she has been chatting with Jeff under
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