Movie Analysis : ' Home '

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I had high hopes for the movie ‘HOME’ since Jim Parsons, and Rihanna were the voices for the main characters. Jim Parsons plays our hero Oh in this story a little alien that stood out from his kind who changed the fate of his race. Rihanna plays Tip our heroine is separated from her mother, whom she is trying to find again. Needless to say Tip and Oh meet up and work together to find Tips mother, Lucy, but also to save the planet from the Gorg invasion and total annihilation. The whole story of the movie comes from one of Adam Rex’s children 's books I myself have not read the book, but the movie did need more plot structure. Piece of the movie fell off, leaving a few questions. However this is more of a children 's movie than an adult movie with its catchy theme music, with the same rhythms, tones, and beats. The movie has good qualities, but it needed a little something more to help draw some of the attentions of the adult viewers. Maybe giving the movie more man-like qualities, such as the human race working to stop the invasion in the first place or showing the humans fighting back from their relocations. Boov one of the alien races in the movie are fearful and always run away. The Boov are running away from the Gorg, thanks to Captain Smek. During a peace meeting with the Gorg leader, he was terrified and ran taking the most precious thing from the Gorg. The Boov have been running away to different planets all their lives taking them over. They come across the…
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