Movie Analysis : Home For The Holidays

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To my understanding, the movie Home for the Holidays not only reveals a lot of potential family conflicts, but also reflects a lot of different communication approaches of the various family members. As a foreigner, I have never experienced Thanksgiving homecoming dinner before, so I may cannot understand some of the holiday customs in the movie, but I found out that their family interactions are interesting indeed.

First of all, I want to analyze my favorite character in this movie--The father Henry. I believe he clearly knows that people have diverse ideas about what counts as a family and they have equally diverse ways of structuring family life, and it help him to communicate more respectfully with people who have varying family structures. For example, when he and his wife found out that their son Tommy got married with a male, he had a much calmer reaction compared to his wife. I can tell that he did not agree to gay marriage and he cannot accept the fact that his son was the “bride”, but he recognized the normal diversity of family forms, he understands that gays like Tommy and Jack has the right to love a person and have a family just like he does, so he tried to hide his true feelings and learned to accept it. That is why when Jack called, he answered the phone politely and told him that “I think I mean this, congratulations, you are a good kid, you deserve a lot better.” Then he caresses Tommy’s hair to show his understanding about their behavior.

Also, the…
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