Movie Analysis : Hotel Rwanda

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The based on a true story trademark of the film Hotel Rwanda has implications for genocidal memory, post genocidal peace and reconciliation, and the promotion of heroism amid the udder chaos that engulfed the country. The film ultimately illustrates an oversimplified, ideologically driven version of the 1994 massacre. It emphasizes the role of a Hollywood hero, rather than the deeply rooted and complex factors at the center of the violence, leading to popular opinion of the Hutu population as barbaric and uncivilized and the Tutsi as innocent liberators. The film is historically accurate with respect to its representation of the physical similarities between both populations, as well as its depiction of the Hutu and Tutsi living in harmony prior to the assassination of the Rwandan president. Despite these accuracies, Hotel Rwanda fails to capture the true matrix of economic, political and historical mechanisms capable of motivating acts of violence of this stature. Furthermore, the film utterly discounts the role played by Belgian imperialism in transforming the societal makeup of Rwanda. Instead the film maintains a violent aesthetic, emphasizing the brutality of the conflict in order to appeal to a wider audience.

There is no doubt that Hotel Rwanda has contributed to the global awareness of the three-month massacre that killed roughly one million people . At the same time, the film is lacking with regards to the accuracy of details about Rwandan history. This lack
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