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I’ll FLY AWAY is an original, magical story that has it’s own special voice. It’s an epic, family-friendly character driven story with a lovely plotline. The script reminds one a bit of the classic film E.T. The story sends a special message about never giving up believing in magic and the wonder of life.

The script offers eccentric and colorful characters. It’s easy to visualize the characters coming to life. Visual storytelling is at it’s best from the magician emerging from the TV set, to the balloons tied to tiny feet, to horns growing out of the rival, to lions, and the final visual of our hero flying away.

The goal is clear: one last performance and to return home. The stakes are high. The plot engages from the opening scene to
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It’s a good idea, however, the concern is that the audience always believes Wonder Boy.

Here’s a possible idea or suggestion, but it’s just a suggestion to consider. Perhaps if Elizabeth words her concerns differently it will help. Maybe she tells Dalton that since his head injury, Wonder Boy lives in another world, it’s like magic for him is now real. Maybe Dalton challenges her – is that so bad – believing in magic? The message being that maybe people would be happier if they believed more in magic.

Maybe after Wonder Boy tells Elizabeth his story, Elizabeth humors him, telling him she believes him. Then Wonder Boy tries to show her the capsule, but it’s not there, and instead he finds the “magnets and flying vest.” Elizabeth tells Wonder Boy that’s what he uses to fly and Wonder Boy then admits it was just all a fantasy in his mind from the injury. Perhaps Wonder Boy questions his own memories. Hopefully this will create an emotional response in the audience, feeling sad for Wonder Boy that it was all in his head and a bit disappointed that it’s not real. Then Elizabeth humors him with one last show only to see Wonder Boy really fly away and discover it’s true. At the end, she sees the photograph of herself. Then one last visual in the old barn, hidden is the capsule. Once again this is only a suggestion or something like this to help convince the

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