Movie Analysis : ' Jaws '

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Over the past few weeks we have watched a few horror movies “Jaws, “The Others”, “Signs” and “Frankenstein” but today we are just focusing on these three movies: “Jaws”, “The Others” and “Signs”. “Frankenstein” was just a flat out boring movie because it was a movie that was black and white and it showed portrayed nothing about how it made the movie suspenseful and scary. “Jaws” was a movie that was made in 1975 which had nothing to scare people of this generation but at least they used appropriate techniques to make the movie suspenseful. “The Others was a movie that was made in 2001 and they did a excellent job of foreshadowing by stating the obvious at the beginning of the movie but the weird part was nobody got what they meant but with this said I don’t think that the movie had used better techniques than “Signs”, in “Signs” I think their techniques standed out the most primarily because of the special effects they used to make the movie jaw-dropping, blood curdling and eye-catching with this said I think the movie “Signs” did the best job in using the proper techniques to create suspense and fear in addition the director of the movie “Signs”, M. Night, Shyamalan, has been nominated for 2 Best Screenplay awards and 1 Best Director award for the movie “Signs” alone.

First I 'm going to discuss the techniques used in the 3 movies, the first technique is music; music in horror movies is used to create a sense of fear. In “Jaws” they used music that went from slow,…
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