Movie Analysis : Johnny Control Veronica 's Mind

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Johnny control Veronica 's mind to be completely truthful to his questions. "Not even if I 'm the last man on say? If you won 't give me your needy cunt willingly. I 'll find somebody to fill your needy cunt instead. Now tell me, who is the most undesirable person you know?" He grin deviously. Veronica panic and she place her hands on her mouth to conceal the informations. But Johnny 's control over her mind force her to release her hands and respond. "There 's an unattractive, overweight, black janitor, in his 60 's. Name Jacob at work. He been disturbingly leering at my body. I tried to file for complaint, but human resource says I wasn 't fair." veronica said in tears. Veronica is in disbelief by the information she unwillingly give to Johnny. If he can make her reply to demented questions, he can make her do humiliating things. Just that thought alone frightened her. "Please Johnny, don 't make me have sex with that horrible man." She plead and cried. "Sorry slut, too late bagging for mercy now." He laugh. Johnny open Veronica 's mind like a book and rewrite her daily activities. "Alright slut! Today at work, will call John and tell him you 're going to be working late. You will dress whorish and will have a one night stand with Jacob. You will advise him penetrate you without protection. When I release you from my control, you will forget the conversations we had. Do you understand your instruction?" He evilly asks. She nod her head. For

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