Movie Analysis : Kill A Mockingbird

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If a book is retold in film format then it seems to follow logically that it now deviates from the original book, yet the same story is still being told and with To Kill a Mockingbird we see that through scene additions (or subtractions), details, and technique the film manages to preserve core points of the story for the audience. Translating the elements of the book that are solely for literature can prove tricky for screenwriters and though some manage to pull it off artistic liberty is a danger to still be wary of. At times it is used too freely and the story turns into another one entirely, but sometimes it isn’t used enough and no matter how close the movie follows the book it lacks the adaptation from book to screen that is interpretation. However there are those movies that make the cut in doing a fine job of retelling a story without altering what really matters and the film for To Kill a Mockingbird does just that. So while it may take some liberties in its efforts to set the mood within a time limit it does not stray from the greater themes and characters at hand that make the story what it is. With new elements to consider comes the manipulation of scenes, the smudging of details, and the play of technique that all work towards the film maker’s vision for presenting To Kill a Mockingbird’s innermost themes in a way the differences between the formats can work for and not against the story.

Perhaps one of the most common utilizations of artistic license
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