Movie Analysis : King Kong

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In the film “King Kong,” a director dreams of making a movie that will bring him fame and fortune. He finds the perfect actress for the role in his film. The director then misleads a ship captain into taking him to the island (King Kong). As the crew travels the ocean in search of the island; adventure becomes a key concept for the audience by traveling to an unknown land. Once the crew reached the island they run into the strange natives that dwell there. The natives capture the actress and offer her to a giant ape (King Kong). This concept took the audience to a mysterious place in which the impossible became possible with the introduction of prehistoric dinosaurs and the giant ape “Kong”. As the ape accepts his offering he falls in love with the beautiful actress. The ape falls in love with the woman, but the love is not returned. In fact, the woman is horrified by the size and power of the giant ape. A few courageous ship crewmen and cameramen work together in order to save the actress from the giant ape. However, the giant ape is eventually captured and taken off the mysterious. The ape was then brought back to the city in which he was branded as a wonder of the world and given the name “King Kong”. However, when the ape frees himself he goes after the woman female actress. In the end, the apes love for the woman is his downfall. The ape was killed on top of the Empire State building by airplanes. The realism of adding actually places into the movie affected how real…
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