Movie Analysis : ' Like A Freak By Stephen Dubner And Steven Levitt

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After taking a college class that analyzes strategy, it has opened my eyes to the true virtues of people. My project was to contrast the strategies used by two documentary directors; Joshua Fox and Phelim McAleer. Fox directed Gasland and McAleer directed FrackNation. Reading Think Like A Freak by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, it was interesting to watch how both directors thought like freaks in their documentaries but it in polar opposite ways. Also, studying from the book of Strategy by Lawrence Freedman, I took the approach of Satan verses God while comparing the strategies used. FrackNation was a response documentary to Fox’s film, in other words, McAleer attempted to disprove all of Fox’s claims and to have fracking looked at in a better light. Studying many forms and interpretations of strategy, I was successfully able to discover the underlying meanings of the perspectives and motives of the two documentary directors. Joshua Fox decided to make his documentary when is land was considered as a possible hydraulic fracturing site. He decided to look more into this practice of natural gas extraction. Fox at the time lived on the Delaware River Basin in Pennsylvania, his was living on the world’s largest natural gas reservoir, the Marcellus Shale. Fox was very hesitant to make any harsh choices with leasing his land to the gas company that wanted his property. As Fox was researching, he noticed how people in his own community were having major problems with gas…
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