Movie Analysis : Mean Girls

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On May 2, 2004 one of the most feminine dominate movies of the time. on the opening weekend, there were 2,839 screens that were showing the film, Mean Girls. During the opening weekend the movie made $24,432,195 (IMDb 1). The film grabbed the attention of everyone in world. It was a very popular film and still is today. Even though the film is popular, Sengupta says “the more popular the film, the more potential for harm” (413). Since this movie came out, females have been the rage in television shows and movies. No matter what movie you watch, there is likely to be an underlining female connection that connects to almost anyone. The film illustrates what high school cliques can do and the effect that they can have. THESIS In the movie Mean Girls Lindsey Lohan stars as a teenager, Cady, who doesn’t really know what high school, is. Due to her parents being zoologists, she has lived in the African jungle for fifteen years. She doesn’t know what the meaning of high school is because she has been homeschooled her entire life. Even though she knows nothing about high school, she knows exactly how to survive in the real world. According to Cady, high school is a new jungle that she has to conquer. On her first day of high school she makes two friends. Her friends that’s she made were in the out crowd and the school makes them feel like they don’t belong. Soon after this she meets the popular group, the Plastics. The Plastics contain Gretchen, Regina, and Karen.
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