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Deconstructing Mean Girls Mean Girls is a movie about a group of girls that are the most popular in High School, the film offers many instances where race, class and gender are clearly marked and classified developing our ideas of how these work in social setting specifically on those of teenagers. From the start of the movie we clearly see the categorization of groups of students together because of their race, we see African Americans together, Asian Americans together and groups of white students together. The movie Mean Girls also defines the status of a group because of their economic status, we hear one of the students describing how someone is so popular because she owns two expensive cars and throughout the movie her economic…show more content…
In one of the scenes some of the young women are staring in the mirror and stating several different physical imperfections while one of them said she thought the only thing that could be wrong with you is that you can be “fat or skinny”. The comment to me gave the impression that the author of this film still did nothing to positively change the outcome of the seen because they still speak about how the way you look is a wrong thing that should give you insecurities. This film to me lacked women of color completely as I view it with my women of color lenses it makes me search for someone that looks like me and there was no one in the movie that looked like me at all. The movie itself had a lot of strong stereotypes and I felt that as a young women of color this movie would not help me or make me feel good about myself. What is the role media and to what effect do gender portrayals have? Research indicates viewing teen movies reinforces negative stereotypes among females and watching televised gender portrayals has an effect on individuals’ real-world gender-based attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors (Behm-Morawitz & Mastro, 2008, p. 131). I believe that there should be a responsibility on behalf to the mainstream media and entertainment industry with regards

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