Movie Analysis : Mega Marketing Of Depression

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Sometimes companies try to change culturally believes in order to be able to place their product in the market. Pharmaceuticals benefit from the way society sees certain diseases. In “Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan,” Ethan Watters presents the difference between depression in Japanese culture and depression in American culture. He explores how some of the big pharmaceutical companies try to bring their products for depression into the Japanese market, but to do that they have to change the way people see depression in Japan. Watters divided his essay into different categories which are: “The Culture of Sadness”, “Junk Science and First World Medicine”, “Mega-Marketing of Depression” and “Speeding the Evolution”. In “The Culture of Sadness” he explains how different cultures express the way they feel in different ways. There is not a specific word on The Japanese language that means exactly the same as depression in English, which means that there is not the same context for the experiences of the disease. In the rest of the sections of his essay, Watters presents how certain pharmaceutical companies started to advertise depression in Japan by manipulating the researchers and media about depression and the Western solutions to it. Cultural beliefs about disease usually have a lot to do with the way people describe who they feel and what symptoms they have, but economic reasons push people to try to manipulate them; the result of these is that the cultural, scientific
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