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As we moved into the auteur category of films, we went from films having a clear plot, ending, and meaning, to films having endings, plots, and meanings the audience had to actually sit and think about to find to find out what exactly the director was trying to portray. This is caused by directors that are considered auteurs. These directors wanted their viewers to be able to come up with their own meaning instead of just giving it to them. They want the audience to think as they watch the movie, instead of sitting there blank. So what is an auteur? An auteur, defined from our book, is a “a director or other creative intelligence with a recognizable and distinctive style who is considered the prime ‘author’ of a film” (Film Analysis 1063). An auteur creates movies as a form of art to portray what they feel to people. They can portray feelings of politics, love, sexuality and other feelings.
We watched five films created by five different and unique auteurs. The three I am going to talk about are Alfred Hitchcock, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and Spike Lee. I think each of these three directors are auteurs and I am going to give a few examples of how they are. First and foremost, all three of these directors have styles that are very similar throughout their movies. For Hitchcock’s movies, there seems to always be a suspense theme added to his films. He has a way of making the audience see or infer what is going to happen and create that feeling of the audience wanting to
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