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Film Analysis #3 The movie is an excellent portrayal of the current situation of our lifestyle in this generation. To be frank, it is a deep movie that has humor to help captivate and keep the attention of the audience drawn in. The movie starts of in the beginning with a man named Theodore and is life is currently empty of void of purpose and love. His life is mundane and he does not know what to do. There is flashbacks of what we can quickly determine what seemed like his former wife but they were going through an impending divorce. The Prevalence of Divorce: the current marriage rate that will ultimately end in a divorce or a separate couple is around 50%. He is another statistic that fits into that category, which makes sense because divorces are more common in the United States than in all of Europe. There was not a full detailed explanation of why he was going to divorce his wife, or why they were going through that possible time together, or rather apart. But there were a few hints and comments throughout the movie, and from what I gathered is that she was his childhood sweetheart. It is a high probability they dated when they were young and got married at a relatively young age. One of the predictors of divorce was age at marriage. Which is when people who met as teens are more prone to getting a divorce than those who marry at a young age. Also, marital satisfaction could have been low after a certain point in their marriage. Theodore met up with his wife
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