Movie Analysis : Mrs. Doubtfire

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Health practitioners must understand that family systems play a role in the health of the individual family members. For example, in a household with increases tension children might present with physical manifestations of anxiety. Further, the belief system of the family can have an impact on the healthcare decision making. To better understand family systems and roles the film Mrs. Doubtfire will be utilized as a case study for family assessments.
Movie Setting and Story
The film Mrs. Doubtfire is about a family who is in some turmoil. The mother (Miranda) of the family has requested a divorce from the husband (Daniel) and has denied him custody of their three children (Lydia, Chris, and Natalie). In response, the husband chooses to dress up as an elderly woman and is hired as the housekeeper and children’s nanny (Mrs. Doubtfire). The film portrays divorce using a comedic element. After the Mrs. Doubtfire is revealed to be the husband in disguise the mother petitions the court and is granted full custody. However, the children do not adjust to this change well. The children’s difficulty adjusting to the change prompts Miranda to seek out Daniel to change the custody arrangement. At the end of the movie, it is revealed to the children that the father will continue in his caregiving role without a disguise.
Assessment of Movie Family
This family is an upper-middle class Caucasian family living in an urban environment. The parent’s divorce has impacts on the…
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