Movie Analysis: Mrs. Sen

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Sen is a shorty story about a newly arrived woman from India named Mrs. Sen, and her relationship with the young child, Elliot, whom she babysits. Elliot comes from a rich family and has a mother who works a lot and doesn't spend much quality time with Elliot. She often leaves Elliot to be on his own when she is home. Mrs. Sen comes from a very large and traditional Indian family and struggles to get use to her new life in America. The two form a close bond throughout the story and once you look at this story in the formalistic theory, you see that they fulfill a certain role that both are lacking in each other’s homes. Isolationism is a thing many newcomers and younger children come across. Many struggle to find themselves in a new world or in a new role as they grow older. Everybody reacts to this isolationism, or loneliness, in a different way. Some shelter themselves from the world around them, some become depressed, and some don’t even realize their despair till it is shown in front of them. Once Elliot see’s the loneliness Mrs. Sen is struggling with, he too begins to feel his own feelings of being alone from his own family. The narrator portrays this perfectly when Mrs. Sen asks Elliot is he is afraid to be a part from his mother for so long. Elliot responds by saying he never thinks about it, and once he has said that, Elliot realizes that he has never really thought about it. Later he realizes that he himself suffers from isolationism but of a different…
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