Movie Analysis Of The Movie : The Virgin Suicides

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To prepare this assignment, I chose to do my movie analysis on the movie entitled “The Virgin Suicides”. The movie is one hour and thirty-seven minutes long. It is an interesting movie that captures my attention the whole time because I can relate what I learnt in class to the movie. To give you overview of the movie, I discuss the summary of the movie below.
Summary of the movie The story of this movie is about a well-off Michigan family with four teenage girls that witnessed a devastating loss. The husband is a mathematics teacher and the wife is a religious conservative who lived in 1970’s. In the story, the parents are portrayed as very unyielding conservative religious individuals who want to raise their daughters in a very strict manner. The younger daughter (Cecilia) is thirteen years old and the oldest daughter is seventeen years old. The daughters are not allowed to socialize with their peer and they don’t have experience of life other than being with their parents the whole time after school. The youngest daughter likes to write. But, she seems very lonely. She attempted suicide but she survived. The psychiatrist informed the family that she didn’t meant to hurt herself but she wanted to express her objection of their parent’s expectations. He suggested them to allow her to have social interaction with her peers specially the opposite sex. Although it is against their family rules, they tried to do what the doctor suggested but instead of their daughter to go out, they decided to invite teenage neighbors to their house. While the party was going on, the teenager went out and jumped out of the window and died. After that day, the parents couldn’t cope with the fact that their daughter is gone (maladapting grieving process). Their daughters are beautiful girls and the neighbor teenage kids are attracted to them. After the youngest daughter committed suicide, the parents tried to change a little bit and sent the three daughters to party with the neighbor teenage boys and one of the girls ended up drunk and spent the night inside the school football field. When she woke up, the teenage boy who took advantage of her was not with her. This situation made the family to be stricter and the girls were

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