Movie Analysis : ' Othello '

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Oliver Parker 's 1995 movie “Othello,” starring Laurence Fishburne, Irene Jacob, and Kenneth Branagh, is an adaptation of Shakespeare 's play that remains faithful to the original text, while using the advantages of the big screen and modern day editing to present the story in ways that would be impossible for a stage performance. The movie remains, for the most part, faithful to the story and language of the play. Although some of the text has been cut, the film still utilizes the language of the play rather than updating the script to modern English. To make the material more appealing to a modern audience, Parker uses flashbacks and dream sequences to provide visuals and enhance certain scenes of the text. The film also includes multiple sex scenes, providing a physical element to Othello and Desdemona 's love that is not included in the text. Parker 's film effectively brought the characters from the text to life, and was an impressive and faithful production. In the play, Act 1, Scene 3 is an important scene in both validating the love of Othello and Desdemona, as well as showing the manipulative and callous nature of Iago. When reading the scene in which Othello is brought before the Duke and Senators to face the accusations that Brabantio has brought against him, it is clear that Othello is steadfast and authoritative. He is an important figure in his society and has done nothing wrong. The lines where he explains how Desdemona fell for him should be
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