Movie Analysis : ' Pitch Perfect '

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Treblemakers as Troublemakers: Bumper’s Misogyny and Male Stereotypes in Pitch Perfect In the film Pitch Perfect, it is forbidden to date a member of the Barden Treblemakers, and in scene fourteen (1.06-1.12) it becomes clear that The Treblemakers have a way of living up to their moniker, which closely resembles the phrase 'trouble makers '. This scene highlights what kind of trouble is occurring throughout the movie. Bumper heads the group, and seems to speak for most of the group in the film, except for Jesse, Becca 's love interest. When going to the semifinals, he only pays attention to Fat Amy enough to watch Bumper throw a flying burrito at her, and rarely if ever speaks to her in the film. Becca also happens to be classically more attractive than Fat Amy by traditional standards. Fat Amy evidently was so distraught by the act, she in turn forgets to pump gas into the Barden Bellas’ van, and they end up stranded, unable to make it to the Semi-finals by themselves. Even after the horrific drive-by burrito incident, Fat Amy suggests calling Bumper to save the day, whose number is saved in her phone. Though a mystery, this suggests Fat Amy may be talking to Bumper romantically, why she would do that is also a mystery given his previous actions. The Treblemakers rescue the 'damsels in distress ', and as usual, socialize with them in a way that lacks finesse or respect. Despite being clean cut boys, the Treblemakers are consistently troubling to the Barden Bellas. Does
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