Movie Analysis : Rear Window

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Rear Window has a unique filmography. Emphasising the idea of voyeurism and watching others. Observing the first scene instead of beholding the main character or even side characters, recognizing the building of the various apartments and the courtyard and finally Jeff is presented. Jeff is a broken man. He lays down sweating, asleep on a chair. Only catching a glimpse of Jeff. He is not important instead the film focuses on the people in the apartments nearby in the rest of the film he will watch out his window. Through this film, observing this evolution of the characters through the lens of this beautifully shot film made by the sets and background characters. Without sets, this film would not be precisely what it is. This story is…show more content…
The beginning of the film, tells who this man is not by how he acts or says, but by showing the main character a minimum amount, I have ever seen in the beginning of a film. Showing this man is not part of the world, but just an observer. But also this character shows his fears. The Thorwald’s showing his dark thoughts against Lisa and showing him the life he fears. He fears being married and being stuck at home. The Thorwald’s is Jeff’s doubles, Mrs. Thorwald shows Jeff his fear of being stuck with a nagging wife and Mr. Thorwalds shows Jeff his dark dreams of getting rid of Lisa but by murdering his wife. He teaches Jeff to surpass the man he was. Due to Jeff double this evil man Thorwald, Jeff starts to trust Lisa and grow. Jeff watches the world, but due to his bias view of the world only sees the deplorable part of people. Watching this blindness with the honeymooners, witnessing them enter the apartment jubilant and don’t view them again until they are fighting, showing that Jeff is blinded from the respectable and beautiful.
Though this film focal character is Jeff there would be no film without the Grace Kelly character of Lisa. There are few other significant characters, the antagonist Mr. Thorwald, Detective Doyle, and Stella. Detective Doyle though does help and arrests Lars Thorwald, but throughout the film, he is displayed as clueless and not even adequate at his job. There is Stella, Jeff’s nurse, who helps Jeff’s with
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