Movie Analysis : Remember The Titans

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When watching any movie, it is important to know the accuracy of the details that are in said movie. The movie that I watched in particular was Remember the Titans, a motivational film made in 2000 based on the true story of a Virginia football team. In the movie, two high schools in Virginia in 1971, one black and one white, combined to form the senior high school known as T.C Williams. This meant that the two football teams had to combine too, under the command of Coach Herman Boone and Coach Bill Yoast. The film depicts the struggle, but eventual victory, of the 1971 Titan’s football team, as a result of putting aside racial differences and learning to judge a man by his character, as opposed to his skin color. While this all seems pleasant, it is important to know if everything is accurate. For this reason, I picked three specific people/things t research. The first person is Coach Herman Boone. The second thing I chose to research was the actual 1971 T.C Williams football team. The final research topic I chose was school integration. After gathering enough information, I came to the conclusion that Remember the Titans is not, in fact, a historically accurate film. Herman Boone was born on October 28th, 1935, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, the place where he originally taught football before he moved to Virginia. In 1961, he accepted a coaching position at E.J Hayes High School, where in nine years his team had 99 wins and only 8 losses. However, despite this huge
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