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Name: Subject: Teacher: Date of Submission: Discussion Question: Rosewood (1997): Movie Analysis Rosewood is a film based on the historic events that transpired in the 1923 Rosewood massacre. The film includes fictional characters and some alterations to the historical accounts. Actor Ving Rhames plays the role of a man who travels to the city and becomes a witness of the horrific events. His character is essential for the film, because he makes the film a movie rather than a documentary. Two more characters included in the story provide different perspectives of the Rosewood massacre. Don Cheadle plays that role of Sylvester, who becomes a witness, and Jon Voight acts as a white storeowner, who lives in a…show more content…
(Gannon, 46) In the historical events of the Rosewood massacre, a woman claimed rape by a black man, yet her story is still not confirmed nor proven. The result was the lynching of a black person, the retaliation from the black community, and the destruction of Rosewood and the death of six black and two white individuals (D’Orso, 52). The movie illustrates a high level of carnage in the town, and the use of KKK, which is not accurate according to historical facts. It demonstrates the producers attempt to create the element of dramatization, and the emotional effect of the movie. In truth, there is a lot of fabrication of the story; however, the producer applies some elements of the true story that occurred in Rosewood. Based on the movie, the main aim was to provide a movie that is emotionally moving which affects racial affiliation in terms black or white (Gannon, 61). Some of the scenes focus on the emotional reaction, and the depiction of the movie focus on the concept of outside looking in. The three main characters are not from the town, which coincides with a lack of having a witness to narrate the events in Rosewood at the time of the massacre. Using individuals from outside the town provides a new dimension to the story, because their presence in the town allows the audience to get an idea of what occurred, but it is not an accurate illustration of the events (D’Orso, 74). The variations highlight the lack of actual evidence, and the use of

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