Movie Analysis : Safe Haven

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The movie Safe Haven contains a lot of in depth relationships and is very representative of the importance of communication. Katie (AKA Erin) comes to a small town in hopes of finding a new beginning, a new life, and ultimately a new “her”. Katie is the presented self, as she wants all those she meets to know her as Katie, a young girl that came for a fresh start and a clean slate, but what they do not know is her dark past and her real name. She is ultimately living a lie, but people believe her to be truthful because of her presented self. Katie ended up in this small southern town as a result of running away from her abusive husband. Katie didn’t approach the situation “head-on”, but rather avoided the conflict entirely by leaving.…show more content…
However, this takes a lot of diligence and management to prevent her presented self from being broken down. This management is also important for maintaining her relationship with Alex, Lexi and Josh, which are the most important individuals in her life. Katie has a very difficult time feeling comfortable around them, but as they start to disclose, she starts to do the same. A statement that I found to be very important in this movie is when Jo, Katie’s neighbor who turns out to be the spirit of Alex’s deceased wife, tells Katie that you can live in the middle of nowhere but you will never be able to avoid communicating with people and therefore, she needs to put herself out there and work on her relationship with Alex and his kids. This was a turning point in the movie because Katie realizes that she can let people in and self-disclose while maintaining her presented self. Katie has lived in fear far to long, and her “past-life” schemas have been responsible for this fear as well as the barrier of communication between Katie and all the new individuals in her life. Katie “hides” her life, while still disclosing, but she still jumps at all the things she would have if she were back in Boston. This shows the weight that schemas carry in ones life. Additionally, Katie’s
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