Movie Analysis : ' The American Dream '

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Movies and the cinematic world can be used as a very powerful tool. Whether it is in protest, or trying to get a message through to the audience, movie producers and directors are very highly skilled in the ways of doing so. We see many examples of how different social problems can be reflected in films. In two films that have been discussed and seen in class, Kingsman and Mad Max, the theories of Karl Marx and the desire to fulfill the “American Dream” are prominent throughout both of the films. Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman is a perfect representation of the quest for the “American Dream”. The “American Dream”, in this context, is the opportunity for prosperity and success. When Eggsy’s journey throughout the film is analyzed, one can see how he represents the billions of people around the planet that will not throw away their one shot to have a better life or to find success in their endeavors. He had a poor upbringing and was on a bad path, but learning from those experiences helped him achieve his goal of becoming a Kingsman. The film, however, does cater to Hollywood’s white citizenry. Mainly all of the characters in the film are white, except for the villain and his henchwoman. Even the “non-privileged” characters were white. Another topic that can be analyzed is the desire for power and wealth, and how money corrupts people. Karl Marx wrote many essays and works based around his theories on wealth. In Kingsman, we can see a reflection of some of Marx’s theories and
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