Movie Analysis: The Attic by Satyajit Ray

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The Attic Satyajit ray

While returning from their new factory at Deodarganj, the writer with his friend and business partner Aditya were driving along National Highway 40. As they reached a point of bifurcation, the author asked his friend about his willingness to take the road, that deviated to the right. That road leads to the ancestral home of Aditya, at Bramhapur. His father was a landlord there and later shifted to business at Calcutta. He was born and brought up there, also passed matriculation from the local school, after which he had left for Calcutta to continue his further studies.
Aditya nodded for a positive response to go to the place. He
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Nagen babu requested him to leave the shop as the afternoon customers will be pouring in soon . Crazily the man suddenly stood up, raised his lean right arm and roving dilated eyes began to recite Rabindranath Tagore’s “ Panraksha”. After completion, he left the place with paying a general regard to all with folded hands.
Sasanka Sanyal was a mysterious person living with his friend Jogesh Kabiraj. He had lost his wife and only son last year. He had sold all his lands to get his daughter married. He almost became a pauper and became somewhat crazy since then , due to mental stress. But he didn’t forget any memories of the past and possessed a high self-esteem and respect. He never failed to pay his bill at the tea stall.
Aditya explained he wished to meet the man in person and drove to the place.
Aditya’s house was surrounded by high walls ,. Even the ruins could tell the splendor and grandeur of past. They reached the attic, at the second floor of the building. Attic is very favorite for a child, where he reigns supreme and can create a world of his own.
The attic was dilapidated, being worst hit by strong wind and rough weather , and a portion of the wall had crumbled creating a window-hole. We could see the sky above, the paddy fields, a portion of the rice mill and the decorated spire of the Shiva temple. The floor was not cleaned for long and studded with straw, twigs, perched leaves and pigeon droppings. Also there was a broken
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