Movie Analysis : ' The Big Bucks '

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As many aspire to earn careers that either make money or improve their social status, teachers are the few who instead of earning the big bucks, will settle to inspire the young, and mold the future. It is an educator’s goal to promote the desire to learn as stated by Jaime Escalante in Stand and Deliver: “If you don 't have the ganas [or desire], I will give it to you because I 'm an expert.”(Menéndez). Future teachers can learn from the film Stand and Deliver to appreciate the positive impact educators can have on students facing an adversary, such as life. The film proves as valid inspiration through the main character, Jaime Escalante’s, realistic tools to his job such creating relationship with the students, challenging the class, and an authentic concern for the students’ success. Teachers can earn their right to inspire by creating a relationship with the class. As Sara Quay and Quaglia Russell state "The more your students feel that they are part of the classroom community, the more likely they are to become connected to the course, the subject, and even the school." It is because of this that the Jaime Escalante was so successful with his class. The teacher is usually held accountable for the student ability or inability to learn, what most people don’t consider is the fact that one of the largest factor in a student learning, is what is going on in their personal life. It is why Jaime Escalante has to refer to improper diction and real life situation in order to

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