Movie Analysis : ' The Caldecott Medal '

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Ever since 1938 a picture book published the preceding year is chosen to receive an

award called a Caldecott Medal. The Caldecott Medal is named after the English illustrator

Randolph J. Caldecott. In order to receive the award, picture books are judged on an array of

criteria spanning from pictorial interpretation of theme, concept and story to the style of the

illustrations used. In addition, the plot of the story must be highlighted and informed through the

pictures themselves, in a way tell the story without the words.

After reviewing 15 Caldecott medal-winning picture books I needed to make a decision

of which book I personally deemed superior to the others in regards to what makes a picture

book a good picture book. After some thought I decided to choose a family favorite, Where the

Wild Things are, as my book to discuss as my superior picture book.


The book I believe that is the best picture book is Where the Wild Things are due to its

ability to not only engage the reader through the text but to show how a young boy’s imagination

can actually grow, develop and create a whole new world from the one he currently is in. The

transition from laying in his own bed to being in a jungle like environment made me want to

even go back and look at how every little aspect of the boy’s room changed, how it changed and

what it changed into. In addition to the transitions and use of showing imagination the

illustrations themselves are
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