Movie Analysis : ' The Death Row '

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Slide one will be the title slide, the title will state, “Over-Populated Animal Shelters.” This slide will also include the authors name, Sandy Richards.
Slide two title will state, “Death Row”, which will also include a picture of a cat, with the text, 4,033 took in/ 907 killed, and a picture of a dog, with the text, 32,014 took in/ 7,417 killed (Maricopa, p. 4). Slide two script will be as followed:
In 2015, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control took in over 36,000 cats and dogs. Of those 36,000 animals, over 27,000 were returned to their owners, adopted out or transferred to other shelters or rescue groups. Unfortunately, this left over 8,000 animals, 23 percent of total intake to be euthanized. The needless death of these animals take a high moral and ethical toll on society and needs to stop.
Slide three title will state, “Creating the Stockpile”, which will also include a picture of Bob Barker, with the text, spay and neuter your pets, a picture of a dog in a cage, with the text Legislation, and a picture of a cartoon, with the text back-yard breeder. Slide three script will be as followed:
This is not a new problem and there have been attempts to correct this. Spay and neuter programs have helped reduce the number but have their limitations. Also, many cities in Maricopa County have been successful as passing legislation to prevent large for profit breeders, known as “Puppy mills” from selling animals in retail stores. However, May of 2016, Arizona Governor Doug

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