Movie Analysis : The Film Crash

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The film Crash takes place in Los Angeles during a two-day period. All of the main characters are inter-related. This means that the film moves back and forth between the storylines that are all connected. All of the characters are related because they are held together by common themes such as racism and stereotypes. All of the racial tension in this society is the root to all of the problems that the characters face. Some of the characters are a white district attorney and his spoiled wife, a racist white veteran cop and his disgusted young partner, a successful black Hollywood director and his black wife who deal with a racist cop, a Persian-immigrant who buys a gun, and a Hispanic locksmith who tries to help people out with their temporary problem.

This film can be related to the social conflict perspective. This perspective is when different groups have different goals. Also, some groups have monopolies over the others. This means that they have power and resources. The other groups are left to fight for the resources and they are dependent on those that have power. This perspective says that conflicts arise because society is unequal and unjust. This film fits into this theory because there are many groups such as the blacks, Hispanics, and Persians that are constantly struggling and belittling each other, so their group can be the one in power. However, this is not possible because the white race is the dominant one and the one who has the power, and they understand…

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