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The Good Lie Movie Analysis The good lie is a movie about a refugee family from war ridden Sudan. They begin as children trying to fight for their lives on the way to safety, losing a brother along the way to a group of soldiers. When they finally reach the refugee camp they find: a safe place to stay, warm food, and new clothes. Shortly after their arrival they lose yet another brother. They patiently wait for a plane ticket out of Sudan, and after thirteen long years, they get their chance. They bored the plane excited to see what is in store only to find out their sister will not be staying with them. The three brothers depart from their sister with a lady named Carrie Davis. They face many new challenges together along with any…show more content…
I can only imagine the frequentness of situations like this and knowing that it really happened, made it all the more bittersweet. The last conversation between Mamere and Theo about the fact that, because this lie helped Theo, then it is a good lie, made me really think about the decisions refugee families often make. The moment when the brothers meet Carrie Davis, is one that leads to many triumphs. She serves not only as their job coach, but also as their friend and mentor. She teaches them about many things such as; using a telephone, knocking and waiting to be invited in, and ultimately that a good friend can get you through anything. Watching this movie in the mindset of an ELL teacher it helps me to envision what my students might face. Carrie Davis is a woman who just wants to get her job over with. She has no interest in personal relationships with her clients, that is until she meets; Paul, Mamere, and Jerimiah. The three brothers bond and innocence eventually leads to her caring for them. It is later revealed that her cold demeanor is due to the loss of her sister. After hearing the story that the brothers tell, she is able to move on. She also learns the true meaning of family.
Challenges for ELLs vs. Refugees The term ELL makes one image come to mind, a person from another country. The thought had never occurred to me that typical ELL students and refugees would face different challenges. The challenges the family in the good lie face are

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