Movie Analysis : ' The Hunter '

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Movie Review- The Hunter Looking for something unique and unforgettable? The Hunter is the one. It has a great meaning behind the story and great visual affects. This film has a very adventurous feel to it, which keeps the attention of the audience. I would definitely recommend this movie to my peers and anyone interested in the hunting community because, the movie represents the key skills to become a great hunter such as scouting, tracking, and patients. In the 2012 Australian film, The Hunter, that is set in the mysterious forest of Tasmania, William Dafoe, an actor that plays the hunter, Martin, in this daring movie and claims was sent to the small town from “the university” for a field study on the behaviors of the Tasmanian Tiger. Throughout the movie he is staying in the Armstrong house with a family of two children and their mother. Martin helps the mother, Lucy, sober up and changes the family’s life for the better with every night he stays and visits there. The first part of the movie is mainly focused on how Martin is setting up the traps and snares to try to capture the mystical creature that is said to be extinct. However, as soon as the mountain ranges and the rainforest comes into the scenes, it is all up to nature to run its own course as Martin travels his journey alone. This Film is mainly focusing on the gentleman alongside the elements and his own feelings of humanity but also on the aloneness of the long-distance hunter. Throughout the movie Martin
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