Movie Analysis : ' The Maltese Falcon '

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Warner Bros. Pictures presents Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor in The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett with Gladys George, Peter Lorre, Barton MacLane, Lee Patrick and Sydney Greenstreet. Directed by John Huston with screenplay by John Huston a Warner Bros.-first nation picture (The Maltese Falcon). My first thought to this film was one of curiosity and nostalgia. Filmed and acted in 1941, this movie beautifully, in black and white, captures the unnamed city with perfection. The cinematography before CGI was always impressive and the acting was phenomenal. The basic plot was intricate and somewhat confusing. There was a private detective, Sam Spade, who had a partner that was murdered within the first ten minutes of the movie. This starts a whole new series of events. A manipulative woman who has information of the whereabouts of the Maltese Falcon, which is an extremely rare precious statue, “aids” in Spades detective work, but in the end admits to killing his partner at the end. However, that is not the main point. A man named Gutman, knows the value of this mysterious falcon and tells Spade that it was cast of gold and inlaid with many precious jewels to give as tribute to the king of Spain. It was pirated and Gutman had spent the last seventeen years trying to locate it and obtain it for himself. Motivated by money, Spade ends up in the confusing muddle that works out in the end. The characteristic features are fairly mainstream. No surprises. It is a narrative that

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