Movie Analysis : ' The Mist ' And ' Hamlet '

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David from the book The Mist, Chuck from the movie Castaway, and Hamlet from the play Hamlet all play different types of rolls but all three have a struggle to survive. Even though their struggle to survive is different their struggle to survive is very similar as well. They hall have a Physical survival and Mental survival they have their similarities and differences. Even though they are three different stories their struggle to survive is more similar than different David 's Physical Survival is when the storm was over his house had a big hole in the front from the tree falling on it and electrical wires all over so when he goes into town for a few things he has to try to not die from these alien creatures that came out of this mist that appeared after this storm that surrounded the store little after the arrival their . He has to deal with everyone acting crazy and trying to not let the creatures in. He has to keep other people from joining into the crazy ladies theory that god is trying to kill them and that this was their punishment. Chucks Physical Survival is that he had to come up with a survival plan baskely out of nowhere. From the point when the FedEx plane when down to when he built his raft and was in the middle of the ocean with no food or clean water. When the plane went down he had to try to stay on the little yellow raft in that storm. Than he floated to a island but he had nothing their. He had to make a shelter to protect him from the sun and he made

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