Movie Analysis : The Movie ' Capote '

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Behind every great movie, comes a storyline that is derived from a book however, most of the books to the movies have a great number of deviations. The screenwriters and other staff members to include the director come up with these deviations to enhance the plot in the attempt to make it a more interesting film to which in turn can make a better profit. The majority of differences that is found in films main objective is to enhance the mind. For example, when a scene has the ability to get a particular feeling out of a viewer, it is imperative to be able to understand the reasons for those feelings. The dialog and the visual effects of a scene sets a tone that differs from that of the book that it was taken from. Also, screen writers and…show more content…
According to the book the sky was described as "glittery as mica" and that the "daylight hitting the grain made a brilliant picture." These interpretations very between the film and book in spite dark and gloomy overcast skies that appeared in “Capote”.
Additionally, when Truman showed the characters Dick and Perry while they were inside Leavenworth Prison in the movie, it the scene was cool, dull and frigid feeling. This could be taken as a way to describe that evilness and coldness inside the hearts of the executioners and how horrible their crimes were. What is more interesting is, on the night of the executions the film portrayed it to be very cool, frigid and dull even though the executions took place in April. This is not the type of climate one would see during that time at Leavenworth Prison. “It is ordinarily too warm for snow, subsequently the vicinity of downpour In Cold Blood (Capote).” There two different cases where the climate that was portrayed in the film different from what was written in the book. The climate was not as straightforward as it was in the book. In all reality, the type of climate that Dick and Perry lived in was rarely spoken of. This leaves the brain to wonder which require the thought of snow to give the seriousness of an event such as a hanging. Using the element of snow gives the reader a great effect and shines light on just how cold it
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