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Those Blinded by the Limelight
As a youthful child, I was prone to think that my family had to be the only one with obstacles, although, this changed dramatically after I watched the movie Parenthood. Because they are amazing at withholding his or her family problems, or at least they think they are, people put up a barrier to the outside world trying to show everyone how they are impeccable. The movie Parenthood really opens up our minds and proves to the frauds that faking perfection in life is not necessary. Besides, you cannot pick your family. They are your personal burden, and different personalities handle this responsibility individually.
One of the terrific ways I became linked with this story is by seeing the similarities between Larry and my dad’s brother, Alan. By being adored by his father, Larry, in the movie Parenthood, dodged many self-destructive issues. He was the families pride and joy; always helping them shine in the limelight and proving over and over that Frank and his wife did a wonderful job raising him. This invoked them to be blinded by the truth. Larry was not who they thought he was. Similarly, my uncle was raised in the spotlight. As the star football player, the All-State singer, the student council president, and homecoming king, Alan had managed to accomplish it all. On the surface the average person would be in awe; confused and amazed by the fact that one man could be so talented and popular. As he matured, he had a revelation:

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