Movie Analysis : Titanic Movie ' Titanic '

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Love. A powerful entity that can control all of us. It has the power to sweep us away from reality leading us into its blinding spell. While love can be seen as evil, it also can be seen as one of the most paramount things in life. This is one of the main themes, along with that of arrogance, in the Oscar nominated movie “Titanic”, a love story about a young man and woman. Their love is shown throughout the depths of this movie through dialogue, camera angles, by the use of music, and how you can distinguish the character development in Rose.

To begin, “Titanic” is a movie about the emerging yet proscribed love of young Rose DeWitt Bukater, played by Kate Winslet, who is of the upper class, and young Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a poor yet witty artist. The movie starts off with an older Rose retelling her story and her memories as the camera shows the dilapidated sunken Titanic. The camera then revolves around the ship as the scene flashbacks and reveals its juvenile, prestigious self. Set in 1912, the movie first introduces young, sophisticated Rose getting out of a lavish car revealing her beauty hidden behind her sizable yet glamorous hat. Meanwhile, at what it looks like to be a bar, the youthful and lively Jack Dawson is seen playing a winning game of poker where he takes possession of tickets to board the Titanic. Considering that Rose and Jack are from different worlds, you would never think their paths would intertwine with each other. The first
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