Movie Analysis : Trailer Movie ' Trailer ' Essay

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Onwards from the late sixties, trailers emerged to the forefront of film marketing. Prior to this, film trailers were nowhere near as predominant in the marketing process as they are today; they are now a consolidation of marketer strategies, used as an effective tool in targeting the greatest number of potential audiences to increase cinema sales and therefore film revenue. Companies often spend large amounts on advertising new products, prior to their launch, which is extremely apparent within the creative industries (Elberse & Anand, 2007), namely the film industry. While trailer marketing tends to exploit audience behaviour and genre preferences, this promotional tool has proved itself to be the most effective in publicising films. Today, trailers are a cinema of ‘coming’ attractions in a blockbuster era (Kernan, 2004), where marketing dictates what is to be produced within the global film industry.

According to Kernan, as cited in Kerrigan (2010, p. 142), the film trailer is “a brief film text that usually displays images from a specific feature film while asserting its excellence… created for the purpose of projecting in theatres to promote a film’s theatrical release”. Simply put, trailers are short clips of film, shown prior to features that advertise other upcoming films. They are proven, alongside television, to be the most effective media used by advertisers in promoting films and communicating with target audiences (Hixson, 2006), providing a sample of a
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