Movie Analysis : ' Virtual Classroom '

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Crystal Blake
Virtual Classroom 1
1. The characters are Mrs. Ortiz, Ms. Jacobs, and. Mario. Mrs. Ortiz is Mario’s mother who is telling him it is okay to hit so that he doesn’t get bullied and will make it in the real world especially since they live in a neighborhood where there is gang violence. Ms. Jacobs is Mario’s teacher who is trying to teach Mario that hitting is not the answer that using words are. Mario is the child who is hitting and pushing other children and is in this dilemma because his mother is saying one thing while the teacher is saying another.
2. One key issue is that Mario is hitting and pushing the other children. Some of the time he is doing it just to have his own way. For example, in the case study it states that Hector came and took on of Mario’s blocks so Mario took the block back and pushed him saying that he was standing up for himself which in turn is making him seem like the bully to the other children. Another issue is that his mother is encouraging violence so that when he grows up he can handle living in a rough neighborhood. Lastly, Mrs. Ortiz and Ms. Jacobs have different ways of handling situations and it is confusing for Mario which to do and in a way seems like Mario has to pick sides on his behavior. 3. One strategy for Ms. Jacobs to use is gathering more knowledge on the culture and environment the children are growing in so that she can work with the parents on a way to help the children. According to Child Development, there…
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