Movie Analysis : When A Man Loves A Woman

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Released in the summer of 1994, the movie “When a Man Loves a Women” produced by Touchstone Pictures’ producer Jon Avnet created a film that touches on a female alcoholic. This film included stars like Meg Ryan, Andy Garcia, and Lauren Tom. An airline pilot played by Garcia as Michael and his wife Alice portrayed by Ryan are forced to deal with her alcoholism. Within this family it includes that of her two children and the nanny (Lauren Tom). The film offers several hinting scenes to Alice’s addiction. Alcoholism is a disease of denial, the movie focuses on not only the alcoholic but those around her that deny and have even grown accustomed to her drinking. The opening scene has Alice drinking and the film continues from there to focus on the alcohol. The scenarios of the mother’s slide to the bottom include incidents like that of: egging the neighbor’s car who’s alarm keeps going off, falling out of the boat on their trip to Mexico, and the night that she locks herself out of the house because she was throwing her “evidence” bottle away. These episodes reflect not only that the problem is getting worse, but that he is enabling/ accepting it.
I found it unfortunate that the film does not include more incidents such as those that Alice reveals in her AA speech. She reveals that she got out of the shower, then went outside with a towel to get the paper, however it was still folded up in her hand. The film avoids any scene with regards to her driving drunk with
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