Movie Analysis : White Chicks

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When someone says the word movie, what usually comes to mind? Most of the time it is the title of a person’s favorite movie, or one that they recently saw. So take a little more time to think about and pick the best one. I know the first title that comes to my mind is White Chicks. I know just about every word to every line in this entire movie. White Chicks will brighten anyways day and send them head over heels with laughter. This movie is beyond delightful because of its humor, action and actors. The movie White Chicks is mainly a comedy, but can also be classified an action. It all starts out with two young African American FBI agents Marcus and Kevin who are most likely in their late twenties or early thirties. These two agents were assigned to go undercover to catch four of the biggest drug dealers. Although Marcus and Kevin were on the right track they ended up ruining their status before they caught the real criminals. Due to the inconvenience they were then assigned to pick up and watch teenage twins Brittany and Tiffany Wilson, who at the time were endanger due to their father’s wealth. Once again the agents screwed up and caused the twins to refuse to go anywhere and even give up their shot in the Hamptons fashion show and make it on the cover of a fashion magazine. The agents needed a plan fast, so they call in specialists and had themselves disguised as the two teenage twins. They proceeded as the real twins would have and checked into the motel as V.I.P.
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